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  • Dr Carey Fleiner is currently Senior Lecturer in Classical (Roman) History at the University of Winchester.

    • She studied medieval and ancient history as well as music at the University of Delaware, and later at another university completed her PhD in Medieval History in 1996.

    • Her main interests of study and research include the Julio-Claudians, women and women’s work in the Classical world, and Roman sport and entertainment.

    • She’s recently published a book with Manchester University Press (2020) called A Writer's Guide to Ancient Rome.

    • Other publications include work about the Emperor Nero's mother Agrippina the Younger, a discussion of Nero as portrayed in the 1965 Doctor Who serial 'The Romans (part of a collection of essays she edited with Dr Dene October), and a monograph on the cultural influence of The Kinks.

    • Current research and writing includes a book that includes discussion of women’s influence and work at the 9th century Carolingian court amongst other mad things, and an annotated transcription of her father's WWII diary -- dude took aerial photos of Vesuvius erupting, so how could she not?

  • In addition to her interests in all things Roman history, Carey is accomplished at various textile arts.

    • She learnt embroider and crochet whilst still in single digits, and she has been spinning and weaving for about 30 years.

    • She has exhibited her award-winning work in many fibre shows mainly in the United States including the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

    • She is very keen on the history of spinning and weaving, especially in Classical Antiquity, and in practice, spinning on the charka, wool-combing, and working with exotic fibres.

  • She has extensive experience with public speaking to all types of audiences and am happy to tailor her talks to fit best with your audience’s level of knowledge or interest. She is comfortable in front of a live audience as well as virtual media.

Tartan Sash woven for an article I published in Handwoven Magazine. Mr WoolyBee at the lake  1995 Pamplin
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