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Projects & Images

Handspun and crocheted shawl

Spun from English Leicester wool back in the 1990s, this shawl was crocheted from a pattern I'd  had in an old French knitting magazine. This photo was taken when it was being blocked. The Boods is there for quality control.

Boods on my hand-spun hand crocheted shaw Pamplin VA  April 1997.jpg

Project Name

Detail of a Fair Isle tank top, designed with colours and shapes taken from my photos of the Roman Forum in Sept 2019.


Project Name

Mr Nuts ruining the tension on my loom.

Nuts 1995 ruining the tension on my loom Pamplin VA.jpg

Selection of knitted socks

Socked knitted from various handspun wools. The orange and the red socks are hand dyed. Long ago project from another life.

Handpun handknit socks by mePamplin VA  2002.jpg

Project Name

Icarus quilt

Icarus quilt 3 Pamplin, VA.jpg

Project Name

Mr Nuts on my 18th Century Great Wheel

Nuts on my great wheel (c. 1750) Pamplin VA April 1997.jpg
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