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Spinning, weaving, and Time Travelling...

Textile workshops and demos have been a great way to bring these crafts to the public -- plus it's a great chance to play dress up across various eras.

Amongst other things, I've been a Tudor woman working with my great wheel at a Renaissance-era fayre near Titchfield.

Manor Farm in Botley, Hampshire, has seen me spinning as a WWII housewife

a Victorian housewife

some sort of witch, I think, last October

Cinderella's fairy godmother (someone has to pick up the slack whilst she's out partying at the palace)

I volunteer during the open season at Little Woodham, Gosport, which is a 17th-century living history experience.

Two weeks last May were spent in southern Germany near the Swiss border at the Campus Galli, a 9th century

Coming up are more demos in Wartime and Victorian guise at Manor Farm, 13th century at King John's House in Romsey, Hampshire, and maybe some Roman fun at Fishbourne...

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